David Wallace
Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Election of the Lesser Son:
Paul's Lament-Midrash 
in Romans 9-11 
By: David Wallace
The Gospel of God:
Romans as Paul's Aeneid

By: David Wallace
Devotions on the Greek
New Testament:
52 Reflections
to Inspire and Instruct
Contributor: David Wallace

About David


Growing up in a home where his father was a military officer, David traveled and lived in different parts of the United States and Europe. As a young boy, he remembers sliding on the wood floors in military housing in Frankfurt, watching the banana tree grow in his back yard in San Antonio, and walking along the ocean in Monterey.

He says that the best decision he made was receiving Jesus as his savior at age nine. He was alone in the family living room when he felt God’s Spirit and responded by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord of his life. Even though he had heard the message of the gospel, God initiated—a moment that changed the course of his life.

David spent his high school years in Kansas, giving him a sense of “home.” After graduation, he accepted a tennis scholarship to college and studied Business Management, and then God led him to earn a master’s degree in Communication (in his mind, he thought God was training him to be a salesman like his uncle). After working a year in advertising sales, God called David to speak the gospel. A few months later during his first few weeks in Seminary, it became evident to David that God’s plan had been from the beginning a path of training so that he was in the “business of communicating the gospel.” 

Dr. Wallace earned his Ph.D. in New Testament. He is the author of the Election of the Lesser Son and The Gospel of God, both academic works, and is a contributor to the Devotions on the Greek New Testament. He most enjoys writing DavoLetters and speaking to audiences about God’s heart. He says it is especially rewarding to co-team with his wife who is a vocal performer, leads worship, and writes music.  

As speaker, teacher, and pastor, he is a passionate about discovering truths from Scripture and communicating key principles that motivate and inspire Christians to live the Word of God. He believes that Scripture embodies God’s Person and that a Christian will naturally apply what he or she learns about God’s heart in their relationships.